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Our family just increased by 1 K9

Posted by The Allen Team on 06 Apr 2009

After our elder dog, Jake, passed away last month,  our house was definitely too quiet and felt empty after so many years with initially Jake and Jazz and then only Jake.  Bob was truly lost and sad.  So I searched the internet for adoption options to find our new love.  I applied with Pals Animal Rescue, inquired at K9Resq, and found our new daughter with MOGS (stands for Missouri German Shepherd Rescue–they have foster families in Wichita).  They suggested a young black German Shepherd for us.   Becky is one year old, very calm, housebroken, crate-trained, loves the grandkids and fusses over them, welcomes others, likes dogs and even cats, but wants to chase squirrels.  Bob has taught her how to play and she also comes to the office with us.  We have had her one week now and she (and we) are adjusting well.  The process to adopt is pretty extensive.  The rescue group does an in-home evaluation, you fill out an long application, your three personal references are interviewed, your veterinarian is interviewed, and then you can hopefully obtain approval to adopt.  I think it is so awesome that the selfless people involved do so much to guarantee a good life for their charges.  We are enjoying our new kid and I know she loves us back. 

First Time Buyers can Take Advantage…

Posted by The Allen Team on 06 Apr 2009

of a little-known program called Kansas State Investment Partnership Grant.  It is available for first time homebuyers or moderate or lower income and offers a great value of from 15% to much more assistance for qualifying buyers.  The homebuyer does need 2% to contribute towards the purchase but that 2% can be immediate family gift funds or from their own reserves.  The home must meet Section 8 guidelines to assure the new homeowner of a terrific start in a home of their own.  Contact Marsha to learn more.

In that WSU did not get farther in the MV tournament,

Posted by The Allen Team on 10 Mar 2009

Guess we wil have to wait and hope for some other option for post season or take faith in the 2009-2010 season for its promise.  Hope that they fix the time clock situation before next year.  GRRR….


1751 N Riverbirch Ct

Price: $150,000

With approximately 1,735 square feet, 3 bedrooms & 2 baths, this home is perfectly located in the cul-de-sac.

251 S Stewart Dr

Price: $78,500

With approximately 1,196 square feet, 3 bedrooms & 1 bath, this home provides a great opportunity!

916 N Doris St

Price: $70,000

With approximately 736 square feet, 2 bedrooms & 1 bath, this delightful home is the perfect starter.